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The legacy of ...

Robb Whitewood & 
Dynamic Mind Works

Dear friends, clients and students of Robb Whitewood and Dynamic Mind Works,

Robb Whitewood suddenly and unexpectedly passed away on 30.3.2017. I am deeply sorry if you weren’t aware of this before you reached this page. Even after four years of losing him, it is difficult coming to terms with the magnitude of the loss of Robb: a special friend, confidante and guru to most of us. 

Robb had been working on a couple of books but he hadn’t published them before he passed away. In the days that followed his departure, I decided I would finish and then publish them. I am honoured to announce that the first book has been completed and is now available.


This first book captures the power of Robb's healing wisdom. His voice can be heard throughout this guide that incorporates his characteristic humour. There are plenty of Robbisms including some of his favoured anecdotes. The book provides a trance like gentle transformative journey to a natural resolution.


The title of our first book is "Mastering the Good Life: the Principles for Creating Fulfilment and Freedom".  It has already received exceptionally positive reviews.  If you'd like to order a signed author copy, you can head over to this page on this website:  All good online sellers carry our ebook, paperback and hardback. Including Amazon, Book Depository, Kobo, Barnes and Noble and many others.

If you knew Robb or had a special connection with Robb (I am deeply sorry for your loss) and if you would like to know more details about his passing, I am very comfortable to share. Please contact me using the contact page

For those who have never met me, I was Robb's partner in life, love and business for over 11 years. We were the best of friends and had lots of wonderful adventures together with plans for many more...

With Love Allison

PS Early in 2022 the audio book will be available. Join our mailing list to stay in touch.  If you write to me, it may take me some time to respond so thanks for your patience in advance.

Amazon Purchases (including Kindle)

The Book Depository Paperback

The Book Depository Hardback

Robb's mission ...

Was to bring heaven to earth.  He believed if just one person could breathe easier because of his existence he would have done his job.


Through our books we would like to support each and every reader to discover what truly fulfils them so their life is lived with joy, love and peace.

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